Top 10 French Pastries That You Should Try Once In Your Lifetime -

Top 10 French Pastries That You Should Try Once In Your Lifetime

Have you ever thought about what is more delicious and amazing than pastries and desserts? In addition, what is much delicious than French pastries and desserts? When it comes to the best dessert, you just can’t ignore the pastries originated from French bakeries. In fact, they produce some of the pastries in the world.

Furthermore, they have exported their expertise in pastries to many other countries. In detail, French desserts and pastries have fantastic taste and never fail to impress people. Besides, they usually decorated elegantly. Furthermore, the cakes are very colorful, and the bakers use different sauces to make them alive and bright, so here are some most excellent Pastries.

Top 10 French Pastries That You Should Try Once In Your Lifetime
Top 10 French Pastries That You Should Try Once In Your Lifetime

Best And Delicious Pastries Straight From French Bakeries

Croissant French Pastries

It is the perfect Frenchiest thing that you can find in different bakeries. However, the truth is the concept was actually derived from Austria, which was known as Kipferl. However, with time, the recipe and concept adopted by French and it became Croissant. It is prepared by including a lot of butter into a dough, folding and refolding it for several layers. Furthermore, it comes with an airy texture and buttery flavor. It is just amazing.


It is one of the best pastries in French that you should try. In detail, it is a long and cylinder-shaped choux pastry. Besides, it comes filled with cream, which makes it amazingly delicious. There is a classic version of the cake which has the vanilla cream filling. However, you can also get different flavored éclairs such as caramel, coffee, and black currant.

Top 10 French Pastries That You Should Try Once In Your Lifetime
Top 10 Pastries in French That You Should Try Once In Your Lifetime

Kouign Amann

Well, this is something which is quite hard to pronounce. However, you don’t need to get the name right to appreciate its flavor or taste. This is made from croissant-like dough. The dough creates different layers when baked at normal temperature. Besides, the sugar caramelizes into a crust that feels just delightful.  


These are the meringue-like cookies which are made from ground nuts. However, some creative person from parries sandwiched two of them by adding rich cream. In France, these are treated as an artistic presentation. Furthermore, you can enjoy the flavors like black sesame, ketchup and strawberry balsamic.

Mille- Feuille

In some regions, this pastry is famous as Napoleon. However, the French call this as a mille-feuille. That means thousands of leaves. In detail, it comes with thin crackly layers if pastry. Besides, they are sandwiched with delicious pastry cream, and on the top, there is icing.

Paris Brest French Pastries

This ring-shaped pastry comes in the list of top six pastries in French. In detail, it is a large ring of choux pastry which split in the middle — besides, the cake sandwich with mouthwatering tasty cream. The name derives from an event of bicycle race from Paris to Brest. The reason is, its shape looks like a wheel of bicycle.

So, these are the best pastries from French bakeries that you can try now. You can find them at the best bakery stores in your area.

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