tips for pastry making the expert way - learn some tricks and secrets

9 Easy Tips For Pastry

tips for pastry

Do you love making pastries? Are you a newbie and often get your pastry dough too hard or too soft? Pastry making is an art that requires certain tips and tricks. If you want to learn how to make the perfect pastry, you must read some advice from experts. Here are some expert tips for pastry making.

Working with pastry requires a lot of experience and practice. You need to be very careful in handling the dough. There are three main types of pastry: puff pastry, shortcrust, and filo pastry. Each has its own tricks and tips to come out perfect. We will thus describe the general rules for making pastry.

tips for pastry making
Tips for Pastry Making

Tips for Pastry

Room Temperature

Always bring your dough to room temperature if it has been resting in the fridge. You need to remove it 30 minutes before you start working on it.

Use it Cool

Your countertop kitchen and hands should be cool while handling pastry dough. If not, the butter or fat used in the dough might start melting.

Right Amount of Flour

Always use the right amount of flour. Too much on the workspace will cause your pastry to dry out. You may find it easier to dust your worktop with too much flour so that you can handle your dough easily. However, this will result in its becoming dry or cracked. You should always brush off excess dough before you roll your pastry. You can also roll it between two layers of cling film to prevent using dusting flour completely.

Chill the Dough

The pastry dough should always be chilled in the fridge before you handle it, or else the fat will get loose. Chilling makes the fat firm and easier to work with.

Chill the Fillings too

Whether you make a sweet pastry or a savory one, you should chill the fillings before you put them in the tart cases. You can also cover it with pie lids, or wrapping them in filo pastry. The reason is that the heat will cause the fat in the dough to melt and result in a very soggy pastry.


It is a good idea to add a deeper color or a glaze to your pastry before cooking. You can do this by using egg whites that render a very shiny finish. You may also brush them with beaten eggs or egg yolks for a deeply colored glaze and shine. Use milk or cream for a matt golden glaze. Filo pastry is best glazed with butter or oil.

expert tips for pastry making
Expert Tips for Pastry Making

Preheat the Oven

It is important to cook the pastry at the right temperature. If the oven temperature is too cold, it will cause the butter to melt before the pastry dough gets cooked, causing it to collapse. On the other hand, by having a too-hot oven temperature, will cause the pastry to burn even before the inside filling is cooked.

Use the Middle Shelf

It is always better to place the pie dish, tart tin, or the baking tray, in the middle row of the oven. This will allow the heat to circulate evenly on the top and bottom of the pastry.

Keep the Sheets Moist for Filo Pastry

You need to work fast and remember to keep the sheets moist when making a filo pastry. While working with something else, you can always cover the sheets with a wet cloth to prevent them from getting too dry.

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