Russian Pastry Tips To Try With Interesting Recipes -

Russian Pastry Tips To Try With Interesting Recipes

Russian Pastry Tips

Russians are surely masters of pastry. Therefore one could make use of Russian Pastry Tips to make a perfect dessert by themselves. The pastry is one of the most preferred desserts worldwide, and a variety of dishes are created using the basic ingredients. One such example would be the various pastry recipes. Though the Russian surely know how to make the best desserts. The Russians consider their sweet as sacred and always have a sweet tooth. During the shortage of food and rationalization, they created some quick and easy desserts from the leftovers and whatever available in their respective households. Let’s take a brief look at some Russian pastry tips and recipes of course.

Chocolate Salami

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One such example for the same is Chocolate salami. These are created using some biscuits, milk, cocoa powder with dry fruits like walnuts, milk, and sugar. Once the batter is made, it is refrigerated overnight. One of the staple desserts of the Russians would be Napoleon cake. This is traditionally prepared on the new year’s eve in all Russian households. It’s a simple pastry and custard dessert that is loved by all ages. Therefore it is the national dessert of Russia. It was first crafted during Russia’s defeat over the Napoleons. Originally this dessert was a single serving custard and pastry dessert, though. Decades later, this desert has been through several transformations by chefs worldwide and is typical of eight tiers now. Therefore, one who wishes to make a perfect moist Napoleon cake can use the Russian Pastry Tips to do the same.

Russian Pastry Tips

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Refrigeration – No matter how perfectly one follows the recipe, they may not be able to get a perfectly soft Napoleon cake if it isn’t settled long enough in the fridge. A typical napoleon cake is refrigerated for at least 24 hours, allowing the layers to absorb the custard easily. Therefore one must refrigerate the cake for a day before cutting it to get a moist cake.

Cream – Over the years, the chefs have changed the level of sweetness as per their requirements. Usually, the Napoléon cake is layered with the unsweetened pastry layers with other layers of custard and cream. Therefore, once the pastry absorbs the cream, it would make the cake less sweet. Hence, one is suggested to add a little more sugar than the original recipe to balance the cake’s, overall sweetness.

Custard – The custard is one of the main components of the cake. Therefore the texture and consistency can make a difference between a good and a bad Napoleon cake. One of the Russian Pastry Tips would be to add the butter in the hot cream itself instead of waiting for it to cool down since once it cools down, it is harder to mix the two ingredients well. This helps in forming a smoother texture of the custard instead of a grainy one.


The Russians have crafted various pastry desserts that are now famous around the world. Therefore following the Russian Pastry Tips would help in creating the perfect dessert.

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