Pastries From Around The World -

Pastries From Around The World

People love eating pastries, but the pastries list is endless. You need to know about various delicacies before you can have one. Pastries come in multiple shapes, flavors, textures, and sizes. The key ingredients for baking a pastry are flour, milk, sugar, shortening, butter, eggs, and baking powder.

Usually, pastries are categorized into four types, such as choux pastry, filo pastry, puff pastry, and flaky pastry. These categories again undergo categorization forming a pastries list, and this list includes ten pastry types, which are truly amazing. In this article, you will know about the different kinds of pastry.

Top 10 Pastries Lists

Pastries list #1. Croissants

It comes under the category of puff pastry. It is originated in France and has a crescent shape and rich flavor. This pastry teams up with breakfast and tastes best with cheese or chocolate.

2. Pies

Top 10 Pastries Around The World That Top The Pastries List
Top 10 Pastries Around The World That Top The Pastries List

The baking procedure of a pie includes meat, fruit, and vegetables. Pastries always become the topping for pies.  The famous pie flavors are peach, pecan, blueberry, and cherry.

3. Danishes

This pastry is Denmark’s treat. It is the most popular breakfast item in the town. It is available in cherry, cheese, chocolate, and apple flavor. With proper baking techniques, the pastry becomes crispy and fluffy from the outside. The inside of this pastry is flaky and buttery.

4. Macarons

Macrons are a sweet cake made of sugar, almonds and egg whites. These ingredients are sandwiched with buttercream all over. Macarons are round in shape, and the size is appropriate. IT comes in many flavors, and colors like caramel rose, and pistachio.

5. Éclairs

Top 10 Pastries Around The World That Top The Pastries List
Top 10 Pastries Around The World That Top The Pastries List

It is one of the best amongst all others in the pastries list. It comes under the category of choux pastry. The filling for Éclairs pastry includes chocolate or custard. The topping consists of fondant icing.

6.  Strudels

Strudels are also known as layer pastry. It comes under the category of filo pastry. It consists of sweet fillings. Strudels are available in variants such as cheese, sour cherry, and apple. Cream becomes its best friend while serving on a plate.

7. Cannoli

Cannoli is an Italian dessert. It has a creamy filling inside the pastry dough. This filling has ricotta cheese to make it even sweeter. Cannoli has different size variants, from a size of a finger to a fist.

Pastries list #8. Pretzels

The knotted shape of this delicacy is the attraction. Baking of Pretzel includes both soft and hard dough. Pretzel is a European dessert consist of flavor variants such as savory or sweet flavors. Pretzel’s garnish consists of several coatings and toppings.

Pastries list #9. Tarts

Tarts are open top pastries. The filling is done upon the pastry base. It is one of the shortcrust pastries which include fruit and custard. Quiches are preferable to make it savory.

Pastries list #10. Profiteroles

Profiteroles are known as Cream puffs in the US. It’s baking include choux balls dipped in whipped cream. The cream can be of different variants such as custard, ice cream, or pastry cream.  You can enjoy the puffs without toppings. Chocolate ganache or sugar coating is preferable if necessary.

These ten varieties top the pastries list and are known to be the best amongst all.

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