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How To Make Pie Crust

How To Make Yummy Pie Pastry

Being a fan of cakes, you cannot pretend to ignore the pie pastries. If you are fitness conscious and you avoid cakes, then pie pastry is going to make you cheat. If you are thinking about how to make pie pastry, then the answer is here. You can make your pie pastry at your home. You do not need to give away your dollars to get yourself a dessert.

Different bakers use different baking techniques to make their pie pastries softer and spongier. They take proper care not to handle the pie too severely, making it tough. In this article, you will know about how to make pie pastry in simple methods.

Recipe And Answers To How To Make A Pie Pastry
Recipe And Answers To How To Make A Pie Pastry


  • 21/2 cups of flour
  • Some extra flour for rolling the pie base
  • One cup of cold butter sliced into cubes of a ½ inch.
  • One teaspoon of salt
  • One teaspoon of sugar
  • Seven tablespoons of ice water

You need to follow specific methods to bake a perfect pie pastry. If you try neglecting any technique, you will end up having a disastrous taste, which will be unacceptable. The answer to how to make pie pastry is as follows:

How To Make Pie Pastry #1. Mix Up Sugar, Salt, And Flour

Recipe And Answers To How To Make A Pie Pastry
Recipe And Answers To How To Make A Pie Pastry

Bring in a food processor; add flour, salt, and sugar and start stirring. Stir for a couple of times until it gets properly mixed.

How To Make Pie Pastry # 2. Add Butter And Mix

While mixing flour batter, add half butter at a time and stir again. Put in the other half butter and stir again. You need to mix the dough until the butter is broken down to small pieces.

3. Add Ice Water In A Slow Pace

Sprinkle the batter with a ¼ cup of ice water and mix up the dough again. Add a little more water, do it in turns and stir the mixture every time you add some water. Continue the process until the batter becomes tough to hold together. You will know it by pinching the dough in your fingers. If you add more water than necessary, the mixture will lose its quality.

4. Make Two Disks Out Of The Batter

Empty the batter in a clean and flat surface. Mound the dough in two equal sizes. If you added cold butter, then small chunks will be seen while you mound the batter. Sprinkle flour on each batter mound. Now you have to wrap the mounds and keep it in a refrigerator for one hour or 2 days straight.

How To Make Pie Pastry # 5. Remove The Dough Disks From The Fridge

Remove a single dough disk from the fridge and settle down with it in room temperature for a while. It is done to soften the mound for easy rolling.

6. Rolling Process

 Use a rolling pin to roll the batter mounds. Keep in mind that the batter should not stick to the flat surface while rolling the dough. To prevent sticking, sprinkle flour on the flat surface before starting the rolling process.

7. Add Filling

Add the necessary add on ingredients to make it even sweeter and tastier.

How To Make Pie Pastry #8. Roll Out The Second Mound

The second disk will settle upon the first. The excess batter will be cut off from the edges.

After these procedures, cook the pie with steam. Make sure to create vents on the top of the pie for the steam to escape as it is the procedure for how to make pie pastry.

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