How To Make Colorful Macaroons -

How To Make Colorful Macaroons

Macaron Baking Tools: Macaron 101

Baking has been a craft reserved only for those hotels and restaurants that need reservations before getting in. However, the craft has grown exponentially so that more and more people are now learning how to bake even from their own homes! One treat you can add to your specialty? Macarons. With Macaron baking tools, you can easily bake to perfection!

This cute yet elegant pastry is perfect for any occasion. From weddings and anniversaries, to children’s birthday parties, it’s the ideal dessert for anyone of any age. Plus, the fact that you can add varying coloring to each one of them will make them not only appealing to sight. They’ll even brighten your display cupboard just like that!

Macaron Baking Tools:

What you will need:

A blender. Pastry Bags. Hand mixer. A spatula— silicone works the best. Baking sheets. Silicone baking mats especially sized for Macarons. A strainer. Food coloring (colors are up to your preference). And a blender.


One. Using the strainer, pour almond flour and confectioner’s sugar together. You’ll need to sift through these in order to get rid of those rough granules, making the texture of the powder mixture smoother.

Two. Eggs. Separate the yolks from the whites and keep the first away to use for another pastry. What we need here are egg whites so that they can be used as a whipping agent for step 1.

Additionally, you’ll have to whip the white first before pouring it in your almond flour and confectioner’s sugar mix. The whites need to be foamy before mixing it with the powder mix.

Steps: Cont’d

Third. Folding. Come in, silicone spatula. It’s not just about stirring. On the other hand, you’ll have to fold this repeatedly until it becomes this thick and smooth consistency. It will take time but be patient.

Tip: Create number 8’s with your spatula. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Add in coloring.

Four. Piping. Also, enter silicone Macaron mat/ sheet. Click the button below to check out this awesome item. What you want is that half oval shape that’s just perfection. What others do is they draw circles on baking sheets. Use a Maracon baking sheet instead to avoid this extra hassle. With a piping bag, squeeze out the mixture onto the “circles” on the sheet.

Macaron Baking Tools: Macaron 101

Fifth. Stop and rest. In addition, let those soon to be baked Macarons rest as well. After about 20-30 minute of resting, heat them in the oven at medium temperature. These are very very fragile, so you’ll have to stand by the oven to check on them every so often.

Sixth. It’ s up to. It’s up to you how you want that filling to be. Flavoring will come in here. We’ll leave it to you to try out and experiment on different fillings to taste! You can do it!

A Tiny Bit Of Macaron History

History has it that it might have been around the 1500’s that Macarons were first invented, by a baker of a noble house in France. The exact “who” of this delightful pastry is credited to many a person, so we won’t confuse you with a list of names of possible inventors.

It was only in the early 2000’s that Macarons reached the shores of the United States, and the rest of the world.

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