How To Create Unique Chocolates At Home -

How To Create Unique Chocolates At Home

Chocolates. Oh, delightfully blissful chocolates. There’s a magic and a mystery in it that’s inexplicably unexplainable. Is it the sweetness of it? The whiff of an ever so slightly bitter bite? The fact that they come in different shapes and sizes? And now, you can create this imperfect perfection in the comfort of your own home. Chocolate mold trays are your stairway to heaven.

Chocolate Mold Tray: Create Chocolates To Your Delight

Different Kinds Of Chocolates

One. Let’s start with the basics. Milk Chocolate. This is typically what we find in most brands and in most shops. With only up to a max of 30 to 40% of cacao, that with milk solids and sweeteners. You’ve got the perfect blend of this sweet. Lecithin is sometimes added to make it more “silky”, more smooth to taste.

Two. Dark Chocolate. A little more of bitterness in this one. Moreover, it has less sugar than Milk Chocolate. In fact, those who suffer from diabetes are encouraged to have this instead of the first, due to its low sugar content.

Three. White Chocolate. Like the name suggest, the color is that creamy-white tone, unlike the other two aforementioned. Even the taste is different. This has cocoa butter and sweeteners, instead of cacao.

Four. Other chocolates such as Semi-Sweet, Bittersweet, Unsweetened, and the like only vary according to the level of sweetness and cacao mixture.

DIY Chocolates!

First. Put butter, vanilla extract, and milk in a pan and heat. While waiting, mix cocoa powder, sweeteners, and flour together. Try and use a spatula to make sure the powder mixture is becomes one. Meaning that you no longer see the three powders separate, but as though they’re a single ingredient.

Second. Watch what you’re heating. After about 20 to 30 minutes of heating, add the powder mixture and mix. Redundancy intended. Continue motion for about 5 to 7 minutes until it becomes smooth and viscous.

Chocolate Mold Tray: Create Chocolates To Your Delight

Make sure to get rid of the lumps.

Add a pinch of salt to it. Only a pinch. Don’t forget.

Third. This is where the chocolate mold tray comes in. Pour the liquid chocolate on the hollows of the tray. The tray design is definitely all up to you. Once done, put inside the fridge and leave overnight.

Simple, right? Simple.

Our Favorite Chocolate Mold Tray:

Chocolate Mold Tray: Create Chocolates To Your Delight

Don’t be limited to just one design! Have a set of chocolate mold trays that are super creative in style! They’re easy to use and are made of quality materials. You are sure to use them repeatedly, any time, and any season!

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