Cake Slice Mold: Bake Different Cakes At Once -

Cake Slice Mold: Bake Different Cakes At Once

Ever tried being adventurous with your baking skills? Tried experimenting on different ideas? Used uncommon ingredients? Designed pastries in unconventional ways? Here’s an idea that blew our minds and we’re sure will blow yours as well. Make a cake slice mold your new friend. You’ll be able to bake different cakes at once. Plus, it’s so much fun to do!

Cake Slice Mold: Bake Different Cakes At Once

What is baking? We know what it is. This craft and the skills required to be successful in it. However, we actually looked it up in the dictionary to have a better understanding of this “food art.”

So, according to what we’ve researched, baking is basically cooking using dry heat. And this is typically done in an oven or any hot apparatus. In short, it’s as we know it and has always been.

Before The Cake Slice Mold: A Bit Of History

Before getting into cake slice mold talk, let’s go back to where it all started. Cake. And it started with the Vikings. Yup, you read right. Okay. History’s first EVER cake is hard to trace. A lot claim to be the first to make the first one (yes, we notice the redundancy).

But, it seems the word itself came from the Norse term “kaka.” What it meant was to create a kind of food using heat and with ingredients such as flour, milk, and sugar as its base.

A line had to be drawn, though, between cake and bread. Apparently, for our non-baker friends who love baked stuff, there’s a difference. Bread is usually made with yeast. Additionally, it’s prepared in that manner in order for the dough to rise. Also, flour and water are its main ingredients.

A super cool fact: bread has been around for about 30,000 years now! I mean, talk about a man-made staple that has stood the test of time!

On the other hand, a cake is a sweetened dessert and is consumed as a dessert. In many cases, it may involve a variety of ingredients to produce a variety of cakes tastes and styles.

Get Baking-Creative

First of, here’s a helpful tool that will help you achieve that “different types of cakes slices in a cake round” effect:

Cake Slice Mold: Bake Different Cakes At Once

Below is a giveaway recipe you can created per mold slice:

The Pound Cake. No complicated ingredients needed. No complicated instructions. You simply need to have butter, eggs, sugar, and flour. To take it up a notch higher, you can also add in evaporated milk and a bit of salt.

One. The sugar and butter should be creamed together until they come out evenly fluffy. Moreover, to give it that texture, use a mixer at medium speed to help you out.

Two. Beat the eggs until the whites and yolks come together as a single liquid. Add this, including flour, a cup of evaporated milk (according to taste so you’ve got to do some trial and error. Salt? A pinch would. Or none at all if that’s your preference. Then… bake in the oven for about 60 minutes.

The chocolate cake. All you’ll need to do is follow the recipe above, but add more milk and of course, cocoa powder. Again, the amount is up to you!

For the rest of the mold slices, be the creative baker you already are and try out other recipes and flavors!

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