Cake 101: Cake Silicone Molds For DIY Pastries -

Cake 101: Cake Silicone Molds For DIY Pastries

A piece of chocolate cake on a plate

There’s always room for cake, no matter the occasion, no matter the season. Cake brings people together. It uplifts people and lightens any gloomy atmosphere. For bakers, it’s life. Cake is life, and being creative with it makes life better. Trying different recipes? What about different sponge shapes using cake silicone molds? The possibilities are as endless as the number of sprinkles in the world.

Cake Silicone Molds: Different Types Of Cakes

Let’s start with the basics. Sponge Cakes. These are the kind that, well, look very much like a sponge. The secret to this delicious treat is to make the sponge fluffy and soft. At the same time, it should hold together well.

The hint we’ll be giving to creating the perfect fluff is to beat in a medium speed. Not too fast and too much, nor too slow and too little.

Next is the Pound Cake. Click below to read our post about this scrumptious dessert:

Third. Butter Cakes. Also known as Shortened Cakes, these are baked with large amounts of shortening. Additionally, shortening is what makes the “sponge” so moist and chewy, unlike a regular sponge cake.

Fourth. Foam Cakes – using only egg whites. It’s all about how you beat the egg whites here. After folding this into your batter and setting it to bake, you’ll notice that it will expand and rise so much more than most sponges.

Bake A Sponge Cake Easy

Cake 101: Cake Silicone Molds For DIY Pastries

We’re totally giving away this easy-to-follow, easy-to-do recipe. For a yellow spongecake, you will never go wrong with these basic steps.

It’s other more well-known name is the Layered Cake. While you prepare you ingredients preheat your oven to 350F. Now, with a mixer, pour eggs so that they’re beaten at medium speed. Once they begin to fluff, add powdered sugar. At least a cup and a half if you put in about 5 eggs.

Next, pour the melted butter (mixed with a little hot water) in. After about 20 minutes, add the sifted cup of flour and baking soda pair. To add, you can drop some vanilla extract for that oh-so-yummy sweet scent.

Furthermore, don’t fold the batter too much. Once you see that it’s ready, pour it in your baking pan (brushed with grease to avoid the cake from sticking to it). About 30 minutes in the oven will do. Then let it cool for 10 minutes.

If you plan on doing more than one layer, simply follow the same instructions above. Also, feel free to add icing in between the layers.

Chocolate Sponge Cake? Or any other flavor for that matter? Add cocoa powder to the mixture of sifted flour and baking soda. Hint: For the latter, a table spoon is all you’ll need.

Uniquely Shape Cake

Enter cake silicone molds. Once your batter is ready, grease the mold, pour it in, and set it to heat and bake in the oven. As easy as pie, or rather, cake!

Cake 101: Cake Silicone Molds For DIY Pastries
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