Best Napoleon Pastry Cake Recipe In The Town

For sweet lovers, the cake has always held a unique space in their heart. The aroma, the garnishing, and the sweet flavor of the cake attract them with all their vigor.  But even within cakes, there are some of the best cakes which you can find. The Napoleon pastry cake holds a special place among all food lovers. The cake is delicious, and it is quite easy to make. So without wasting much time, let’s learn how to make delicious cakes.

Ingredients For The Napoleon Pastry Cake

  • One and a half pound frozen puff pastry
  • Three cups of delicious pastry cream
  • Half cup of heavy cream

The items do not end here. There are additional requirements for the icing and decoration of the pastry. The details required for the process are 80 grams of melted chocolate. Along with it, you will need two large eggs, 3 cups of sugar and two tablespoons of lemon juice. All the ingredients combined in the right quantity will help you prepare tasty Napoleon Pastry Cake.

Recipe For Creating The Best Napoleon Pastry Cake In The Town
Recipe For Creating The Best Napoleon Pastry Cake In The Town

Procedure For Napoleon Pastry Cake

Preparing The Dough And The Filling

  • Prepare puff pastry dough and chill it down in the freezer. If you are buying the mixture from the market, then follow the instructions thoroughly and chill it down as per the requirements.
  • The next thing to prepare is the pastry cream. Once the pastry is cooled down, one can lighten the texture of the entire cream by adding whipped cream to it. After adding the cream, cover it down and cool it down in the refrigerator until the assembly time.

Baking The Napoleon Pastry Cake

  • Preheat the oven so that the temperature is maintained while preparing the cake. Heat the oven on 200 C.
  • Use a thin piece of cardboard and sprinkle some flour on the top of it. Place the prepared mixture on the top of it.
  • With a sharp knife cut the mixture into three different parts and move the mixture to a baking pan. Make holes in the dough using a tapered fork to make sure that the dough expands appropriately.
  • Bake the dough in the oven for about 25 minutes until the deep golden brown color appears on the cake.
  • Transfer the freshly prepared cakes to a tray and allow it to cool down.

Decorating The Cake

Recipe For Creating The Best Napoleon Pastry Cake In The Town
Recipe For Creating The Best Napoleon Pastry Cake In The Town
  • The cake is cooled down using the pastry cream and the other ingredients of frosting. The procedure will make give the cake a unique flavor while making it look gorgeous.
  • Make a layer of pastry cream over the layer of baked pastry.
  • Put another layer of dough on the cream.  The process will ensure that the cream remains sandwiched between the two layers of dough.
  • Use the rest of the pastry cream to make a layer all around the cake and your Napoleon pastry is ready.

The rest depends on how well the cake is garnished. In one shot you have made six servings, and the entire family can have a good time with your Napoleon pastry.  The cake is quite favorite among all the pies. No matter what your age is, Napoleon pastry will always hold a prominent spot. If you are into baking for the first time, then it might be difficult. But with practice, the skills will improve.

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