Bake Cookies To Perfection With A Cookie Press Tool -

Bake Cookies To Perfection With A Cookie Press Tool

That comfort food that’s perfect for any occasion? A match for any kind of drink. A dessert for any type of meal. Cookies. And for these lovely and delicate pastries, you don’t even need to go out of the four corners of your home to get them! A cookie press tool will do the trick in having yourself cookies at your command.

Bake Cookies To Perfection With A Cookie Press Tool

Cookie Press Tool: Some Cookie History

Let’s start with some history. Cookies were originally made to test the consistency of cakes. They were small cuts of the actual larger pastry to be served. These small cuts would be tried in heat to check what it would taste like after. Only then would the larger cake continue to be worked on.

Of course, it wasn’t always called a “cookie.” And it wasn’t known the way you know it today. In fact, during the 7th Century A.D., the period in time when the small, pastry-finger foods were first introduced, they were considered cakes. Additionally, it has been said that it was the Persian Empire who made them more well known than they were.

Furthermore, it could have been in the 1095’s that cookies, their texture and their size, became more consistent. That they started becoming less of what people knew as cakes and became their own identity (profound, ain’t it?).

Cookies In Every Part Of The Globe

This small and sweet pastry began to reach Europe, Southeast Asia, and later on, America. With each place and country having its own name for the single-serving dessert. Moreover, it was the Dutch who came up with the term “koekje”, from which the now popular name “cookie” was based on.

In addition to this, the term “biscuits” has a Latin origin which was “bis coctum.” The latter, meaning having been baked two times.

Our Basic Cookie Recipe You Can Try At Home

Bake Cookies To Perfection With A Cookie Press Tool

Drop Cookies. Just like what they’re called, Drop Cookies are baked in that manner— putting hand-molded “drops” of batter onto the baking tray to heat in the oven.

Have the butter, sugar, salt, baking soda, and vanilla mixed together. Pour in eggs and continue beating the new mixture until the texture becomes consistent and smooth.

Then, pour in flour, along with other additional ingredients you prefer. These may include chocolate chips, nuts, etc. However, if you choose that this batch be plain, there’s no problem with that.

Now, this is where the “dropping” begins. Using a tablespoon, scoop up a small round of the batter and drop it on the greased baking sheet. Keep each “drop” at least 2″ internals. This is to give each one room to expand without sticking to the others around it.

Bake these in an oven that’s been preheated at around 375 degrees farrnheit. Wait from about 12 to 15 minutes. The longer you leave them in the oven, the crunchier they become. Also, if you leave them in a shorter amount of time, then you get that ideally soft and gooey cookie batch.

Bake Cookies To Perfection With A Cookie Press Tool

Click the button below for our cookie press tool. Instead of using the dropping method, use this apparatus to gather the batter and have it molded into the shape of the cookie press tool’s mold design.

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